Panopto audio link not working

We are using the H5P plugin in Moodle 3.9.

Linking to Panopto videos works great! Linking to audio in Panopto does not. When trying to create an Audio content type or use Audio inside a Course Presentation, it shows the error message: "Your browser does not support this audio."

Have any other Panopto users had this problem? Trying to figure out if it is an H5P/plugin issue or a Panopto issue.

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If the Panopto link does not point to the audio file directly, then this will not work. In contrast to H5P video, H5P audio has no option to use a service's API in order to use it for the audio player.



Thanks Oliver. We actually discovered that using the "Play audio podcast" URL for a Panopto audio file does work as a source for the H5P Audio content type.