Audio in H5P Presentation for Moodle


when I set up a presentation in H5P, I can easily add an audio file for each slide. However, there is apparently no way for the students to navigate the audio file within one slide (i.e. go back a few seconds or skip to a later part of the file). I've just used Power Point with Audio Files in the previous semester and there this is easily possible in the embedded player. Is there any way to implement this in H5P?

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Birgit Götzinger

Unable to find constructor for: H5P.AudioRecorder

I created an activity using the Audio recorder type. But when i see the page from front end i see the errors in the Console.

Here is the Error i got from Console: 

js_GgoMhXHp_HtU61_aX75dgLvNzf49Mj7-V8pUTsFAqeo.js:997 Unable to find constructor for: H5P.AudioRecorder 1.0

H5P.error @ js_GgoMhXHp_HtU61_aX75dgLvNzf49Mj7-V8pUTsFAqeo.js:997

js_GgoMhXHp_HtU61_aX75dgLvNzf49Mj7-V8pUTsFAqeo.js:1136 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getCopyrights' of undefined

Error: File not found on server. Check file upload settings

I am unable to upload my audio wav files for the audio player. It shows it is uploading up to 100% but then I get the error message:

File not found on server. Check file upload settings.

I am working in wordpress with LearnDash and H5P. I am on a Macbook Pro in Chrome Version 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit). 

Suggestions on how to resolve?