H5P Content Hub - sharing teacher created content

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We are a K-12 school district and have teachers creating amazing activities with H5P but we have no repository to share these great activities.  In following the H5P blog and website I thought the H5P Content Hub was going to be the solution but it appears this is only for the main content types and not stuff created with real content that teachers produce. 

Example: Teacher adds H5P to Moodle course.  Opens the H5P Hub interface and searches for "water cycle" and up pops several activities that relate to the water cycle the teacher can embed into her course.  

Is it possible to share teacher created content and not just content types via the hub interface?  Is this in the works?

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Thank you for asking. The first part of the H5P Hub is done, and that part is about distributing the content types.
The second part, which is currently in the works, plans to do exactly what you're asking. It will allow every author to share their content with all the other users of H5P.

We're currently hoping to have the second part done by the end of the year.

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ICC - will this be something that an organization can operate on their own to build shared H5P resources within the organization only?  We want to build some resources that might use content we pay for and need to keep private.  

Will this be a possibility?  Maybe a paid upgrade for funding future H5P development.

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I believe such sharing will be possible, but I can't say for certain as all the details for this isn't clear yet. Thank you for asking.

Ken, not completely familiar with Moodle, but like any website, can you simply create a page within Moodle, with categories as a repository of all the H5P applications by your teachers? Just a suggestion.

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We would like to see a repository of searchable items that can be as easily shared as it can be copied into another course.  Downloading, uploading, creating pages, etc. is not exactly a good workflow when you can have potentially 100's of teachers generating content for your organization and tied to curriculum and materials your district has paid to use.  

I'm hopeful that the hub will provide such functionality.  Being able to operate your own private hub would be ideal for paid content and a common public hub for sharing with community.

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Go it. The hub would be the way to go for sure.

If you have a Moodle and Install H5P....cannot your teachers create their content in that. and share it with a guests area if needed. That's how I intend to use it. Best thing ever....and an updated Moodle also is a must. The 2 go together perfectly....and you can collect any amount of Data

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Hi Dday, when I embed H5P resource into Moodle,  the reports won't show me the grades for the activities. Can you help, sorry I'm just starting with Moodle and there is so much to learn. 

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Hi Aleksandra!

It is not possible to transfer the results to the gradebook if you're embedding content. You should install the H5P Plugin for moodle and then create/upload the interactions as a moodle activity.