allow hyperlinks in fields "Feedback for defined score range"

Many H5P activities, such as Question Set, gives us the ability to display a different text based on the score the user gets for this activity.

This is achieved with the fields "Feedback for defined score range", which currently only supports plain text.

I would like to have the ability to use hyperlinks in these fields.

This would allow me to provide custom navigation for each score range, for instance :

  • less than 0% : review the course here
  • between 81 and 100%:  well done, you can go to the next level of the game, good luck!

The H5P Branching Scenario activity already supports this, it would be great to have it on all H5P activities supporting score ranges.

I think that most people using H5P with CMS such as WordPress to build trainings on multiple pages should be interested with such feature.

It would allow us to design serious games where user navigation is based on activities results.

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