Image Sequencer in Column Via IFrame Embedder

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I am advising a faculty member using H5P in Pressbooks trying to use the Image Sequencer content type in an H5P Column, it is not one of the available content types.

There is a suggestion here to use the iframe embedder using the src="" option from the embed. I created a separate Image Sequencer in my library, and the frame src looks like


This is the URL I attempted to put in an iframe embeddeder, but when saved in a column type, it returns "Content Not Available"/ There ar no comsole errors.  There is no cross site source issue as both are on the same server.

Regardless of this situation, can I make a request to include the Image Sequencer in the Column tool? Why are not all H5P content types available?

Content types: 
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Hi Alan!

That doesn't work because of a bug in the IFrame Embedder. The & in the URL that you enter is a special character that the H5P editor encodes to & for security reasons (in other contexts). That renders the URL useless, of course. I just fixed it in a pull-request:

Please note though that this may not be a perfect replacement for actually including Image Sequencing or other content types into Column. Resizing might not work, You cannot retrieve scores, etc.