How to Send Score on Column activity?


I have a column activity where I put multiple activities, mostly fill in the blanks after Presentations and Interactive videos. After the student completes Fill in the Blanks and I look up the Gradebook I see Este usuario aun no ha enviado una respuesta al H5P which indicates no Score was sent. However the Documentation Tool does work and sends the answers, when the student answers a Documentation Tool, all the scores for all the activities inside the Column, it works.

Despite it working someway, the students don't like having to submit an unrelated activity just to sent an answer to the backend. Is there a way to make it so Fill in the Blanks sends the score?

Thank you very much.

Moodle 3.9.2 (Build: 20200914) Estructura H5P v1.24 (h5plib_v124)

Desktop - Chrome


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Hi! The single subcontent types all send their scores when they are completed (for themselves). If you need these right away, you can use the xAPI interface to get them.

As a compound content type, Column sends its results once all interactions that it contains have been checked and this will allow host platforms to get all the results at once.