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I have just upgraded to Moodle 3.11 from 3.3 assuming I would now easily be able to embed H5P content into a page or lesson but really struggling - tried everything I can think of.  I created content as an H5P activity but cannot see a way of using that (used to be a short code) - [h5p id="name"].  I tried recreating the activity in Content Bank which seems very straightforward - then using Atto tool to drop in the content on the page. But now getting an error...see attached image


Thought it maybe something to do with 'Display H5P' setting but cannot figure out what the URL should look like - the examples given do not help me.

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Hi Graham,

The H5P integration into the Moodle was created by the Moodle core team. I would suggest that you also post your question in Moodle's forum.


Thanks BV great advice - I'll do that!

Thanks BV great advice - I'll do that!