360 image and video caption unique Id or Class selector request


Hello to the H5P team, thank you for the recent module updates!
We are currently developing a kids' game with the VR360 Module here:

1) With this update, we are no longer able to add text to any of the image or video popup windows, other than a hover "tooltip" created by the Title attribute. (Testing shows that kid players are missing the Tooltip) How can we include text above or below the image/video?

2) We could add text content with pseudoclass before:: for each window, but it looks like there are no unique ID or Class selectors for any of the game HTML markup elements. Is there a way to get unique IDs/Classes for each popup window?

Thank you from zumwinkle.com

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Just to follow up:
---- Question #1: Our informational text disappeared with the new module update, and we are trying to figure out how to add it back.
---- Question #2: Is there any way to add classes or IDs to any of the H5P modules' repeating elements in HTML markup, so individual elements can be independently CSS-styled?

Thanks for any advice!

We are also using H5P to develop a game, thanks for the inspiration!