360 Tour

2 things for 360 Virtual Tour

It would be nice if these already exist or are in the works! 

  1. Any support for 360 video as backgrounds instead of only images? 
  2. Any ability to move device (phone, tablet) around to look at 360 images and not just moving finger on the screen? If that makes any sense. I think maybe that's like an AR thing? 

Thank you~ 

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How to create 360 virtual tours now that Google Street View is gone?


I used to use Google Street View, a free app for the iPhone and Android phones, to create my 360 videos for the virtual tour. However, Google abruptly stopped that and I cannot find another app that can take these spherical pictures and  I don't have the wherewithal to invest in an expensive a 360° camera. Has anybody figured a workaround for this so they can still create new virtual tours? A new phone app, even a paid one, or an inexpensive (sub $100) 360 degree camera?

Virtual Tour (360) New Scene Issue

Hi all,

The issue I am having is that after the Virtual Tour (360) content type is selected, whenever I click "New Scene" the entire area is blank/disappears and appears to glitch/bug out and you cannot proceed. I have attached screenshots of what this looks like.

For context, we are using the Totara V17 LMS (which utilises Moodle) with all H5P libraries updated to their latest versions. Multiple browsers have been tested as well but produce the same results. All other H5P activities appear to work without any issues such as this one.