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Hello Folks

Some questions i have.

1. What is the status for this content? (link below)

2. Are there any other contents to create escaperooms/puzzles with codes and locks?

GitHub - NDLANO/h5p-escape-room: Interactive 360 panorama image viewer for H5P

3. I tried to download from the github page to test te content from the link above. How ever i cant seem to create a .h5p version to upload. Can someone share a video how to do this or share the .h5p file?

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Virtual tours with mixed content types (image, video, text)

I have not been able to add text to an image hotspot without having to hide it in the hover-text. Ideally, I'd like it to be a small iframe in the spot so that I can have e.g. a text description, an image, some more text and then a short example video.

I haven't seen this requested, is there a way to do this already? Am I missing something obvious?

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