360 Tour

Virtual Tour: Page Jump if embedded via iframe

When a Virtual Tour activity is embedded via iframe at the end of a longer web page, the web page jumps directly down to the iframe when it loads. The exact behavior varies from browser to browser:

Firefox: Jumps directly to the iframe at the bottom when loading.

Chrome: As soon as a piece of the iframe becomes visible, the pages jumps down so far that the whole iframe is visible.

Edge: As soon as a piece of the iframe becomes visible, the page jumps down a bit and back again.

Virtual Tour: Wrong position of the hotspots

Depending on the browser, the hotspots are on different positions. Here the examples:

Picture 1: Firefox

When you look at the Virtual Tour Scene in full screen, the hotspots are on the right position.

Picture 2: Firefox full screen

With another browser everything works.

Picture 3: Edge and Safari

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Virtual Tour link to Panopto fails


I have made this virtual tour with some links to Panopto videos. Playing one video the first time goes just fine, but when I try to play a second video, it will not play. When I hit the play button, nothing happens. If I try to play the first video again, this will also not play. If i refresh the page, I can play one video but then I have to start the tour all over again. If I only link one place to one video, everything works just fine. Suggestions?