Virtual Tour (360) Navigation Options

Hello all-- some recent user testing yielded a lot of frustration for navigating large spaces in the Virtual Tour (360) content type. For example, a starting point is set in Scene A to be looking at the door to enter Scene B. The user enters Scene B with a starting point that is equal to having walked in said door and must pan around to find the exit back to Scene A, however, when leaving Scene B back to Scene A, they are beholden to the original starting point. While I do not personally struggle with this navigation as default, we found that a significant amount of users in testing did get disoriented by the starting point for Scene A being the same regardless of having left Scene B or not. Here are some ideas/hopes I have to resolve this:

  • Conditional/logic-based starting points based on which previous scene the user is coming from
  • Visual orbital rotator in upper-right-hand of scene to allow users to orbit with a visual representation. Would also be nice if this included cardinal directions or some other way to stay oriented.
  • A "mini map" option added in for users to see where they are in a specific scene. I recognize this is probably very unlikely, but would love some kind of option like this for users to see which direction they're facing upon entering a scene
  • Navigation path akin to Google Streetview

Thanks all for your time and if anyone else has thoughts or ideas please post them! (Also if it is helpful to share, I am part of a .com enterprise account and am posting this from a personal .org account to access this forum.)

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Hi Jesklash,

Glad to see your post here, as I was wondering about the same thing for your first point!

Our team have also been using H5P for virtual tours of very large spaces. We have been using the 'starting point' option as a place to start the user on a 2D flat map, with 'go to scene' buttons on different areas of the map to allow the user to pick where they start the tour from. This has helped our users with some of the issues of navigating the space, however, they become frustrated at trying to figure out how to get back to the map. 

As a simpler option to a mini-map, would it be possible to add a button (optional in settings) that could be on the screen allowing the user to skip back immediately to their starting point? We could then use this as a nice way to offer the map at any point of the tour.