360 Tour

Virtual Tour with 180° images

I have some 180 degree panoramas and would like to create a virtual tour with it.
Both options (360 image + static image) are not suitable for this.

It would be great if a possiblitiy for 180 degree pictures was created - that would be very helpful.

Best regards
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Improve loading time of virtual tour

Hi there,

I am just wondering if I could get any advice on improving the loading time to start this virtual tour : https://activitesbiblio.brossard.ca/visite-virtuelle-du-rez-de-chaussee/.

I am using Wordpress 5.3.3 and H5P at version 1.15.0.

The PHP version on the server is 7.2 :

- The memory_limit is set at 192M

- The post_max_size is set at 128M

- The upload_max_filesize is set at 128M

I must also confess the virtual tour has 16 scenes.

Blank Virtual Tour (360) on iPhone


Here is our virtual tour done with H5P : https://activitesbiblio.brossard.ca/categorie/visite-virtuelle/.

We created 3 tours recently (on May 14). One for each floor of our library.

We are using Wordpress 5.3.3 with a child theme based on Bento (version 2.4) by Satori Studio. On that Wordpress, we have H5P at version 1.15.0.

Each virtual tour is a post in Wordpress.

It seems the "Virtual Tour (360)" content type does not work on smartphones.