360 Tour

360 tour

Hi guys,

First of all, thanks for your contributions on H5P.
I’m a really enthusiastic user. 

I want to ask you something on the subject of Virtual tour (360). I’m playing around with code my selves but I’m not a programmer.
I would probably succeed in making some changes in the code but chances are that reviewed by real programmers, my changes will never be merged to the code. Because of my question would be an important change also for other users..

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Uploaded 360 not working (Moodle)


I have created a 360 tour of our college library on a Moodle test page I have set up. I downloaded it so that I could also add it to another Moodle installation. Everyting goes fine but the content does not display, only the description. When I go to edit the H5P, the content is there and everything looks fine. There is a problem with our network set-up that doesn't allow me to embed the content unfortunatly. 

Any ideas about what's going wrong?

Thank you,