Best 360 camera apps for android (equirectangular)


Up until recently I used Google Street View to shoot and save my 360 equirectangular images for use in my h5p virtual tours. Now, it seems, I can only save my 360 equirectangular images on Google Maps and not download them to my PC or phone anymore. So two questions:

1. Does anyone know if it is still possible to download 360 images from Google Street View, and if it's just me who forgot how to do it? I can't seem to find any information on it online while googling.

2. Does anyone know of any good substitute apps that I can use with my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Android OS) to take 360 equirectangular images for my H5P virtual tours? 


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Nick,

but you already know how to use a search engine, which will probably give you an answer faster than this forum here?