Branching scenarios "copy tree function"

Hi H5P

i have been doing quite complex branching scenarios with the help of tuts and videos, suggestions. We are making medical decision making trees, which are great for simulation. I have especially enjoyed that i can model a tree and then keep that, build a new one but copy elements from one H5P (one branching scenario) to another. this saves a load of time. What would be even more beneficial would be to copy a portion of a tree, i.e. from one item all the way down to the end or where you chose to cut it. then paste it into another scenario. This way in decision making you are not copying each item one at a time and you can make endless branches with slightly different outcomes.

this would really make it easier to create a separate scenarios and then join them all together in a master.

I hope we can extend the copy paste function to do this

many thanks


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Hi Scott,

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