Easier exit from course presentation and interactive video

Greetings, and thanks for developing and supporting such a great tool. I am using H5P though the Moodle plugin.

There seems to be no graceful way to move users on to other tasks or back to the course homepage once they reach the end of a course presentation or interactive video. It would be very helpful to have a "return to course" or "exit" option at the end of both of these activities. Or even the ability to edit or have more options on the summary page - then we could insert a hyperlink back to the course home page or the current section (or anywhere else - another H5P, maybe?). Being able to allow hyper links to open in the current window would be important in this last case to avoid multiple instances of the course open in several tabs.

Or maybe a setting in the Moodle settings page for the H5P activity that controls what happens at the end. There could be another option under the Display Options, for instance - along with the option to show a Download button. Selecting "Allow exit" in the Display options would add an "Exit Presentation" option to the action bar. Hiding the action bar would hide that button, so probably not the best idea.

Sorry I don't have better suggestions. And sorry I'm repeating some of what I said in another discussion. I am working in H5P/Moodle today and keep running into this issue.



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Hi David,

Thank you for the detailed suggestions. This has made me thinking of several uses for this feature. I sure hope this gets implemented.


Thanks - Sorry I can't domore than offer suggestions.