Filtering answers of fill-in-the-blank activities


I work at a language center and a lot of the foreign language faculty who work with us use H5P. When they create H5P Fill in the Blanks activities in their respective language (e.g. Turkish) they often use their foreign language keyboard. Unfortunately, similar punctuation (like commas and periods) often have different ASCII characters than in English (an English apostrophe doesn't equal a Turkish apostrophe). The answer is often marked as wrong because of a punctuation errors even if the rest is correct . That is very frustrating to learners. Since we do not know what keyboard the students or self-paced learners will use to type punctuations, is it possible to filter the answers to make sure that both options will be accepted as correct?

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Hi nschildre,

This is not possible not without making changes to the code. However what is possible is to create an alternative answer which contain the other apostrophe.


I just saw now in the instructions that we are able to use a forward slashes to denote alternative answers. I am sorry for bringing this up if there was already a way to handle it. Thank you for all your dedication to the H5P community.