H5P, WordPress and LaTeX

Hi there,

Just installed the H5P plugin on my WordPress site and could create a first Multiple Answer Quiz ...

But LaTeX doesn't work so far.

I found in the on line documentation a file named h5p-math-display-1.0.7.h5p and tried to install it through the WP Admin, but it failed with the following error message.

Maybe you can help me to understand what went wrong ? I suspect this fil to be an old version ... but don't know where to find the actual one (if any).

Thank you for your help,


WordPress version 5.8
OceanWP version 3.0.3
H5P plugin version 1.15.3

Content types: 
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This is a library, not some H5P content. That's why you have to upload it on the H5P library settings page, not via the H5P Hub.


Thank you for your message.

Meantime, I had realized this point. And eventually found the right page somewhere on the web.


Question : this page does _not_ appear in the menus ! Why ?

Anyway, I loaded the library and ... nothing happened. LaTeX still remains NOT interpreted :


Does anyone know what is the exact procdure to let H5P recognize LaTeX code in WordPress ? Thank you.

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Hi again!

If you don't see that menu, then you're most likely not having an admin role - and then I am not sure what you mean with you found that page somewhere on the web and how you say think to have "loaded" the library.

The exact procedure is described at https://h5p.org/mathematical-expressions and is identical for all H5P plugins.



Oliver, thank you very much for your patience.

I indeed have admin role, but I was confused by the translation of some items into french. Namely, the word "library" has been translated into "activités" and I was looking for something like "modules" or "bibliothèques" ...

Anyway, I am now in and everything looks good (including LaTeX code interpretation).

I have a few more questions, but I will ask in a separate post, for clarity sake.

H5P looks just amazing !!



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Translations can indeed be tricky at times. Glad you figured it out!