Multiple Choice

Putting image on the left or right

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Hello everyone,

I registrered a long time ago. But only now i'm starting to use this wonderfull h5p content!
Right now i try to find a nice style for creating quizes on my website. To the point: is it possible in question set/multiple choice to put an image on the left and have the question on the right? And how do i do that? I'm not coder, just a simple high schoolteacher. XD

Because pictures say more than words i've made a small mock-up of what i intend to accomplish. The quiz self is a topographic question and in dutch.

Adding Images to Tips and Feedback for Multiple Choice

Hi everyone,

I'd like to add a feature request for the option to include images in "Tips and Feedback" on Multiple Choice Questions? I can think of multiple use scenarios for this both in terms of pedagogy and gamification. For example: a visiual hint in solving a question, a congratulatory message on getting an answer correct, a worked solution for quesitons that require imagery (e.g. geometry).

Many thanks