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Picture in feedback, MC

Hi all,

I'm missing an option to add a picture, or even a video, in the feedback section of a Multiple Choice quention. I do not only want to give the user feedback with text only, I want to make it more visual for them to understand the quention and feedback better.

Right now, it is only possible to add text in the feedback section of an answer.

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Prevent Multiple Choice question to answer multiple times

Hello, I'm using h5p in Moodle.

 And we simply want to select one answer in the Multiple Choice question , so students can answer only one time.

  The problem is that after the student answer he can refresh the page and get the question again, how can we avoid this  scenario?

  What is the exact setting that allows only one submission (answer) for the question (without enabling a refresh for a new submission)?



Reuse button in multiple choice activity returns a file not found (Totara LMS)

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Working in a Totara LMS with the H5P plugin. Created content having selected "multiple choice" from the editor hub. There is only text in the activity, no media. 

Click on "reuse" button and choose "download as an .h5p file" and it returns this message with a continue button:

Sorry, the requested file could not be found


Even weirder, is that in the activity frame it shows the homepage of the LMS behind the error message, not the H5P activity. 

Any ideas what is going on?