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Text shrinking in Multiple Choice


Greetings all!

I've noticed an issue in Multiple Choice where in the 'Tips and Feedback' section, the text is slightly smaller on the second/third/etc lines than on the first line. A quick look at Inspect confirms this, with the first line 17px and all other lines 16px. Has anyone else experienced this? Quite strange.

Hopefully you will see for yourself from the screenshot.

Multiple choice design is leading

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The multiple choice design can be leading if you want to create a quiz where only one choice is correct but the question asks for one or more features describing the response.

The response boxes should always be squares or always be circles, otherwise the user is given an immediate 'hint' that there is only one correct response.

Sintax highlight for code questions: Mark the words, Drag Text, Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks

Dear H5P team,

I find your work an excellent leap forward in interactivity, inmediate feedback and visual apeal for on-line learning platforms activities. To me H5P is the way to go. Thank you sincerely for your dedication.

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