Multiple Choice question - one time submission

Hello, I'm using h5p in Moodle.

 And we simply want to select one answer in the Multiple Choice question , so students can answer only one time.

  The problem is that after the student answer he can refresh the page and get the question again, how can we avoid this  scenario?

  What is the exact setting that allows only one submission (answer) for the question (without enabling a refresh for a new submission)?


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Hi mikialliel,

Turning on the "save content state" in the H5P settings will save their answers and should help with this issue.


see image. where is the setting? thank you


I founded the "save content state"  and it's on

still after refreshing the question the student can answer again

we want to prevent that

I found the save content state still same issue,

after answering the question and refreshuin is the student still can answer.

we  want to preven that

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Hi mikialliel,

You can change the setting "Save content state frequency" to lower number to make sure that it saves the answers. However this is not foolproof since this since this is not really to stop students from answering an activity again it only helps in certain situations. There are no actual features that stops students from actually doing this. There is an option in to only record the scores of the first attempt maybe that might help.


yes I guess that should help