Multiple Choice



I'm trying to create a quiz with several multiple-choice questions. This is not the first time I create this type of content with H5P but for some reason, ithe option to add an image to each question is not available. Please, can you point me in the right direction? I have already checked all the settings and I don't know it is not showing up. 

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Multiple choice with pool of choices



I had the following request:

When selecting multiple choice question, then I need to be able to upload one list containg wrong answers for that question and list containing the correct answers for a question.

So, when the user want to undertake that question, then it will random give him random  3 choices from the wrong answers list and one option from the correct answers list, so, this will show users different choices each time randomly.

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Unable to Save Result Data Code 500


We are using LearnDash and have H5P Multiple Choice questions embedded in various courses. There is now a pop-up error on each page with a H5P Quiz saying "Unable to save result data. Message: error. Code: 500" (see screenshot attached). Any engagement with the H5P MC question will lead to the same error. Pages with H5P Slideshow do not produce this error.

H5P version 1.15.0
WP version: 5.5.2
Browser: Google Chrome

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