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Is there any way to get audio files into H5P quizzes?

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I'm trying to figure out if there's anyway of using audio files as questions (or answers) in creating quizzes from the H5P options. Has anyone tried this before? For example, if I use the multiple choice option, can I attach an audio file as the question and provide the text as the MCQ answers? This, as well as the other way around where I provide a text question, and attach audio links as MCQ answers?

Are these possible at all? 

Thank you!


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Sorry if this is the wrong palce to ask.  We have set up a multiple choice quiz.  The correct answer is selecting 4 options out of 6.  However, if they choose 2 correct options, and 2 incorrect options - this seems to negate itself, and equal zero.  We'd like it to equal 2 correct answers (out of 4).. How do I update that?  I can see you can turn off the "+1" or "-1" section on the answers, but then at the feedback/check answer stage and overall score it still seems to negate out a positive answer with a negative one.


Unable to edit content in H5P Multiple choice content in Moodle

We are using H5P as part of Moodle platform and i want to do some corrections. I am able to edit , but the changes dont get saved. I have tried this for all H5p modules in all the courses and the issue is the same. I can create and content but it does not get saved. Can you help?