Multiple Choice

Drag Text


I want to create a quiz where it is multiple choice but using the drag the word quiz. 

So for example: "What colour is the sky? *blue* *green*. Here obviously only one answer is correct. But can you have the quiz set up to more answers than boxes to place the answers? 

Any help would be great!

Thanks, E. 

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Multiple Choice Question.

Hello. I have a problem with multiple choice question. I looked the multiple choice tutorial and I noticed "Media Section" is missing in editor. Because of the fact that, the page is not saving when I clicked the save button. There is an error message in console. I tried this in firefox and chrome, stuation is same.I added the console image and editor image.

Moodle version: 3.7

Platform: Desktop

H5p Version: 1.18

H5p content type: multpile choice/ multiple choice in course presentation