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Icons on the right is placed over options for multiple/single choice

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Both the tip icon and correct answer-icon is placed over options in multiple choice and single choice (in question set) if the options are long or the browser is narrowed down. If the questions are a part of a question set, the correct alternative display also places it self over the text if you choose to see all the solution for the whole question set after finishing it.


Problem with W3 Total Cache and CDN video delivery

I am trying to add H5P interactivity to several long videos (30 minutes and longer) which are stored in the cloud and delivered through a CDN. To connect the CDN to WordPress, I need to use W3 Total Cache. But I have found that when I use W3 Total Cache, the H5P shortcodes don't work on my posts.  When I de-activate W3 Total Cache, H5P works fine.  

Can anyone make a suggestion? Is there an alternative to W3 Total Cache? It would be a shame if I need to choose between showing the videos and using H5P interactivity!




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Just started reviewing H5P. Nice tool! I can see how this could be useful.

I am approaching H5P from the educator's/end user's perspective. 

I am using a simple project to try H5P. In short, I am creating material to help my college learners with APA style formatting for manuscripts. In doing so, I found that there is a missing formatting element--at least on the Multiple Choice questions. See for what I am beginning to do.

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