padding varies for 1st image in series of MC questions

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I made a Quiz (Question Set).  The first 5 questions are MC with images.  The formatting of the image for the first question has a different padding than all subsequent images.  See attached.  I tried switching the order of items, and it is always the first image that is affected.

screenshot shows formatting error of photo alignmentPhoto shows second image in series.



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Hi grackle,

It looks consistent on my test content. Would you mind checking/providing the following:

  1. Browser/s and version/s you are using?
  2. Do you see the same issue when checking the content directly in
  3. Do you have any custom CSS implemented?

Edit: I found what is triggering this. If the option "Disable image zooming" is checked the issue presents itself. Bug report has been filed.


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Nice catch BV!  Thanks.