Multiple Choice activities not displaying correctly in Moodle

After manually updating the h5p activity types after the summer holidays, the Multiple Choice activity does not display correctly when it is an independant activity (not part of a column, inteactive book etc - screenshot attached).

  • Multiple choice library is version 1.14.4
  • Other activities display correctly.
  • Multiple Choice activities look fine when pasted into Column activity or created within interactive video. (screenshot attached) but not when independant.
  • Creating brand new Multiple Choice activities results in the same look.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this?
For example, would it help (and is it possible) to "downgrade" all the 1.14.4 MC activities to 1.13.2 version?

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Hi ptstockley,

Do you have any error messages in the browser console (ctrl+shift+J or F12)? I just tried this it is working fine.