Multiple Choice

Problem with Multiple Choices when I have an arithmetic value in the offered answers.


when I try to create a question in the Multiple Choice type, and I have arithmetic values in the attempted answers, WordPress throws out a 404 error.
This only happens when I have an arithmetic value in the offered answers (for example 5 + 2 = 7)

Wordpress 5.7.2
H5P 1.15.2
Chrome Browser

Harmonize font size of Fill In The Blanks with Multiple Choice

The standard font size and font options of Fill In The Blanks should be the same as of Multiple Choice.
This is relevant when both content types are used in the same Question Set, so that pages look consistent.

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padding varies for 1st image in series of MC questions

grackle's picture

I made a Quiz (Question Set).  The first 5 questions are MC with images.  The formatting of the image for the first question has a different padding than all subsequent images.  See attached.  I tried switching the order of items, and it is always the first image that is affected.