Various examples of using H5P content types in university context


Hi everybody,

I'd like to share with the community some examples of using H5P content types in our so called Online Studychoice Assistants (OSA). I am working for the University of Freiburg (Germany) and these little tests are a free service to give prospective students a realistic insight into studies and specific subjects. The process can help to assess whether the subject really matches their expectations and wishes.

Drag and Drop

Mark the Words

Drag the Words

Quiz / Question Set with Multiple Choice
Special feature: using videos for problem and solution in the respective multiple choice question (the display of videos is controlled with customized JavaScript)

Examples in English:

Drag and Drop

Fill in the Blanks

It came out that H5P is the perfect tool for our aims. We use it on a WordPress website. Some kind of special feature is that the scoring is not stored in the WP database but only in the local storage of the user's browser. It was very important for us that the tool can be used without registering needed, but to show the score points in summarized result pages nevertheless. We managed to implement this special wish with the cooperation of Oliver Tacke, to whom I would like to send another big THANK YOU for all his valuable work and support. His support was so very helpful and moreover always friendly and "educational" - helping us to get familiar with H5P and to help ourselves.

All in all H5P offers great possibilities for various kinds of interactive tasks. I appreciate the possibilty of code customization very much. I had to dive into the documentation to resolve a few issues by customization of code. For example "show solution button" for Drag and Drop or show "check button" after all draggables were dragged or the prevention of "shorten words > 20 characters" in Drag the Words and some more.
Of course it would be nice to see these workarounds implemented one day with behavioural options in the core code. :)

Thanks to everybody who is involved in the development of H5P and in further improving this great tool!

All the best,

Such a creative use of H5P! I'd love to hear more about the idea of OSA - it seems like an amazing tool to help prospective applicants pick their majors and I have not come across something like this. It is a little bit like an interactive prospectus. Do you have some data about its impact?

... for your very kind reply and SORRY that I didn't answer earlier (the last weeks have been quite stressful for me, but not due to H5P ;).
As for the impact of our use of H5P in the OSA (which are in deed a sort of online self assessment for prospective students): yes, we are receiving a lot of nice feedback, which we collect via a web form. The best statement until now was "I like everything. It is perfect." (not exactly my opinion but very encouraging nevertheless...).
We are tracking the access logs with Matomo and see the continious growth of visitors. Moreover another university (of applied sciences) wants to put an OSA in practice, according to our example. We'll wait about the concrete creation because I think that they underestimate a little bit the technical prerequisites when it comes to customization.
All in all it is really a success story for us and for me personally working with H5P is fun. :)

Hi Anja,

I am little bit late to the party, but this looks great! It is such a fresh idea. :)

I gather you are using H5P in classes as well? What are your experiences? Do you have maybe some exemples or literature available online - I am especially interested in the field of mechanical engineering. I am looking for great exemples and case studies to present to our professors and motivate them to use H5P. :) Thank you very much in advance.

Thank you very much, Ana!

Unfortunately I see your comment only now. And sorry to say: I am not using H5P in classes. You could ask Oliver Tacke (user name "otacke" here in this forum) who has a deep knowledge of the H5P community. Not only as a developer but also as somebody with high didactic skills. Good luck with your professors! :)

Thanks for sharing this. Looks great. 

How is this formatted? I see you have h5p content like drag and drop, but also text, images and dropdowns. Does ALL the content on screen (the content between the blue left and right navigation buttons) use h5p (eg using the "interactive book" content type)? Or is it all HTML with the h5p content embedded as an iFrame?

Thank you for your kind words!
The formatting is done by the latter. This is all done by wordpress and only the h5p content embedded with WP shortcodes (generating the iframes).
I am not using the "interactive book" at all. Thanks for asking. :)

Thank you very much Anja, this is very helpful.

Thank you Anja, this is very helpful.