Mark the Words

Scoring Inconsistent?

I have several activities in my lesson that are showing a fraction as a result that is inconsistent with the number of answers the learner got correct. Any advice on correcting this? I have attached a screen shot of the activity and the behavioral settings. 

It is from my English lesson on Overcoming Stress & Anxiety Lesson 1 Part 1:

Mark the Words: Space-Problem

Hello all,

The following problem exists with the task type "Mark the Words".

If I make a correct term e.g. *Yellow*, it works great. However, there are problems with a space in the stars, e.g. *Yellow House*.  The workaround at the moment is *Yellow_House*.

Is this an error? Or is that intentional that it doesn't work?

Many greetings


Mark the Words


I have just started using H5P content on Pressbooks. For "Mark the Words" plug-in, there seems to be a character limit in the Feedback field. Is there a way to override it or add a text area anywhere else to present an answer key?



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