Mark the Words

Automatic scrolling to the top of the screen when selecting an element

1. In the Firefox browser:

a) Enter fullscreen mode (only through the button, not F11).

b) Select an element and place it into an empty window. This applies to both dragging with the mouse and clicking followed by selection. The screen will scroll upwards at the moment the element enters the empty window.

This repeated for 4 different PC devices in the Firedox browser

2. Moodle 4.3

3. Desktop

4. Only Firefox, only fullscreen mode via button, not F11

5. H5P mod_h5pactivity 2023100900, H5P frameworks h5plib_v124 2023100900

6. attached

H5P Mark-the-Word Reuse - Wordpress

We created one H5P content of mark the word component as per our style in our wordpress (WordPress 6.4.2). The issue is while changing the screen size the content inside the h5p iframe is getting overflow and the overflowing part is hidder under the div section. How can I resolve this issue? For further reference of you I will here attach the website url with the mark-the-word component : 

Below I am attaching the bug part