Mark the Words

Mark the words: allow sentence answers

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I would like to see in Mark the words -library an option to use an sentence as an answer like this;

*this could be selected as one*

so that would yiled 1 point like as one word.

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HP5 content doesn't show up (Wordpress)

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I just started a wordpress-blog and installed the H5P-Plugin. I activated it, created content (Mark the words and Drag text) and added [h5p id="1"] and [h5p id="2"] on the respective page. But when I load the page, non of the applets show up althought they appear in the source code: 

A few bags in Multiple choice, mark the words, drag the words

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Please find some issue which we find:

1. Multiple choice when I mark 2 right answers, 1 wrong I see only I point, it should be 2

2. Mark the words when I mark 2 right answers, 1 wrong I see only I point, it should be 2. Next problem is that: if proper answer has 2 words, it is impossible to check

3. In drag the words large phrases are visible partitaly when are dragged