Drag the Words

Drag the words: 'Reset Drop' modal frequently appears

I have a wordpress site (5.9.3) and h5p (1.15.4) with drag the words (1.8.21) content as part of the column, interactive presentation and book content types. This bug has always been present (for two years or so).

When the student drags a word into a gap and drops it in, at that moment a modal may appear with the question 'Are you sure you want to reset this drop zone?' I have no idea why this appears or what it means to reset a drop zone, as it seems to be triggered randomly when a word is dropped into an empty gap.

Sintax highlight for code questions: Mark the words, Drag Text, Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks

Dear H5P team,

I find your work an excellent leap forward in interactivity, inmediate feedback and visual apeal for on-line learning platforms activities. To me H5P is the way to go. Thank you sincerely for your dedication.

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