Drag the Words


Hi there 

I use Drag the Words to create sentences with jumbled words for my English language students to unjumble. However, it's not practical to have more than one sentence as the words appear as a long column on the right of the screen with no separation between words belonging to each sentence. What I'd really like is the Add Question facility of some other content types - it would save me having to create lots of separate exercises. Any chance of this?




Add HTML Text Formatting to Drag the Word

The formative, self-check assessment of the Drag Word question is great operationally, but the look of it would be immeasurably improved if it permitted simple HTML including paragraph formatting and tables. Check out how it could appear compared to the current structure:

BEFORE (current):


Add option for "Distractors" on Drag-the-Words

Hi there,

Just was going to develop an activity using the 'Drag the Words' content type, and realized there was no option to have distractors (wrong answers that don't fit anywhere). E.g., if I had 10 slots for 10 correct answers, I might want to add 3 distractor/incorrect answers (giving students 13 answers to choose for 10 word slots). This is a feature I'd like and seems like it would be relatively easy to add. Thanks for considering!