Drag the Words

Drag the Words Accessibility with JAWS

Hello! I'm using Chrome Version 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit), Moodle v3.9, and JAWS v2020.2006.12 ILM. I successfully created a Drag the Words challenge and added it to my Moodle course. I can successfully use the mouse to do the challenge and successfully use keyboard navigation per the steps below (which I found in this forum):

The Drag Text should work with keyboard only navigation. The keys to use are as follows:

1. Tab - Highlight the draggable words

Drag and Drop - problem with the touch


Sorry for my english !

I use some "Drag and Drop" with a website build with wordpress (last version).

With the mouse, I can take the element and place it in the case. But with my touchscreen monitor(with a desktop PC), it does'nt work. The problem exist with chrome, firefox, edge. I have test it with different touchscreen monitor.

I have the same problem with the example of the site H5P.org.

Have you an idea to soluce my problem ?

Thank you