Multiple Choice, multiple answers quirk

When creating a multiple choice quiz with multiple answers, the solution only counts the "correct" answers. For example: the question had 6 options and 4 of them are correct. So the participants would check the answers they got correct and it would say ____ / 4 instead of _____/ 6. This is creating issues for our users because each option should essentially be counted as a point. To NOT check an incorrect option is essentially being "correct." Does that make sense? The option of doing one point for the entire exercise doesn't really work for this either AND there's not an option to take away the count completely (which might work). An easy tweak on this would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

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If I understand you correctly, I don't think this would work if you changed it to out of 6 because it would be counting incorrect answers as correct so this would be more confusing.
Can you post an example of the quiz you are using so that we can get some context?

I don't get why you don't get it!

See the example below:

Answer which of these sentences is true:

  • 4 is a negative number
  • 3 + 5 = 9
  • 10 / 3 > 4
  • 20 is an odd number

All answers above are false. As it is now, the user never gets any points whatever he/she does!

In reality, they should get 4 points when not checking any of the answers! And less if they check some. If they check all of the answers, they should get 0 points.