Multiple Choice

Multiple Question Set for Images

I want to create a multiple question set where the answer to the quesion is in the image above.

There seems to be no H5P module that does this. I can create a single question, but not multiple, or can create multiple questions, but have no image associated with it unless the question covers the (background) image.

Am I missing something?


Interactive Book: Text being added

When creating an interactive book (issue was also reprocued with a True/False Question, Multiple Choice Question and Quiz), a long block of text is added to every textbox once the activity is saved. This includes text boxes, True/False questions, and the activity description page. When returning to the edit page the text can be deleted, but reappears upon saving the activity. This happened whether the text was typed directly into H5P or was copy-pasted from an external editor. 

Issue was reproduced using Google Chrome and Firefox.

Various examples of using H5P content types in university context


Hi everybody,

I'd like to share with the community some examples of using H5P content types in our so called Online Studychoice Assistants (OSA). I am working for the University of Freiburg (Germany) and these little tests are a free service to give prospective students a realistic insight into studies and specific subjects. The process can help to assess whether the subject really matches their expectations and wishes.

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