H5P videos stored multiple times in Moodle Database

A course creator has created 7 (seven) h5p interactive videos which were then uploaded on the Moodle Content Bank. From there, these videos were re-used in seven courses (one video per course). Although the Moodledata folder, based on this, should have been 5-6GB, we see 17GB being used. Keep in mind that no other content has been uploaded to the LMS, apart from a batch of small files (<100MB) which don't amount to the missing amount of data unaccounted for. When we looked at the stored files, it seems that in some cases, h5p files exist multiple times in the system, thus taking up this space we cannot account for

We have tried everything but the space used doesn't change and we wanted to ask if it has happened to any of you, to have such inexplicable behaviour from h5p files in relation to storage. Could it be that files that were uploaded and then deleted/replaced with others, are still in the system and count towards the quota? Could there be any other misuse from the client's side? 


Any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve this or on any relevant experience, would be more than welcome!

storage issue
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