Interactive book to facilitate H5P workshop for university staff


Hi H5P community, 

I'm a learning designer based in Wellington (New Zealand) and have developed a workshop to introduce H5P to academic and professional staff at Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). Both H5P and the workshop have been popular at VUW this year and I'm pleased that I'm allowed to share with the community the main workshop resource that I have created to facilitate this workshop (and that I share with participants afterwards). It's an interactive book that provides a short overview of what H5P is, what it can do, why to use it, examples (including H5Ps own berry-theme examples), tips and guidance for getting started with creating H5P activities. 

You can have a look at the resource here: 

Note that this version is from August 2021, some of the content is specific to VUW, and there may be the odd typo... But you are welcome to use it as inspiration, download it, adapt it for your own purposes, and update it appropriately as H5P develops new content types etc. 

The interactive book has received positive feedback from our workshop participants, so I hope you enjoy it too :) 

(PS: H5P team: I hope it's ok that I've used screenshots from H5P in the interactive book - if there is a problem, please let me know and I will remove the post again). 

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Hi SN_Litti,

Thank you for sharing your content a few observations below:

  1. The maximum upload size for a single media element on is 2GB
  2. Depending on the subscription type there certain limits to storage.

Note: I do not have accesst to account specific information. So what I mentioned above is for most subscriptions but it may not be true for your organization.

I speak for the H5P core team but I am not a lawyer, regarding the screenshots I think it is fine to use them. You can use the trademark policy of H5P as a guide in using logos and screenshots.