Add 'Decipline' as part of metadata in WordPress plugin

Hi There,

My name is Kelvin and I'm a web developer who has worked with WordPress for a long time. I'm currently working within higher education and there is currently a lot of interest in using H5P in our community. Therefore we're planning to host a WordPress platform for users to create their H5P content.

The challenge we found within the H5P WordPress plugin is the creation of custom metadata or extendability in general. Since our community is very large and the metadata provided by default is not enough for us to manage/organize the H5P contents that are going to be created on our platform. One scenario would be we would like users to share their H5P contents in our community and it also means we need to provide a way for other users to quickly find relative contents they're looking for filtering by taxonomies(metadata).

It would be very nice if your team or the plugin author could update the plugin and add hooks or provide a way to add custom metadata. Or if there's any possibility of collaboration, our team is more than happen to try to work this out and submit a pull request to the plugin repo.

Thanks in advance,


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