I'm using Moodle to teach french langage and I'm really upset about the feedback possibilities in all activities. WHY is not THE priority of developpers? I don't need new activities, I need real possibilities of feedback inside the activities.

To teach correctly something, we need to show the rules and then create exercises for students training. And it's with the exercise that the student can practice, remember the rules and think about his mistakes. Like teacher, I think WE NEED TO EXPLAIN THE ANSWER at this moment, just after EVERY QUESTION of an exercise. So, when I create an activity, I need some BIG PLACE which appear AFTER the exercise to explain every failure, every mistake.

Well, concretely, I dream about a specific WINDOW who appear next to every answer and where I can explain why the student made a mistake. I need space because maybe I will remember a rule, with examples, so with other colors, or bigger caracters, or a picture. If we are in a "mark the words", I need this for every good words or bad words. If we are in "flascards", I need this for every picture, just next to the good answer who appear after. In a "multiple choice", I need this for every answer possible, to explain why the second or the third sentence is the good one....

And please, don't tell me that already exist, it's false. Sometimes we can put a little sentence like resume for all the activity, but it's small, I can't transform nothing, I can't explain details or exceptions... this is no sense!!!! This is not a real place for a good feedback. Really, I don't understand if I'm the only guy who want to explain their mistakes to the students... it's the most important thing to do when we teach with a computer.

I hope some day I could give a really good feedback to my students. For now I'm obligated to create a new "page" with restriction (the student need to finish the activity to see that page). In this page I try to explain every answer of the activity, with screen captures... but it's a bad solution, it's not efficient and I'm exhausting. Please, I need help with this. Thank you.

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