"Retry" should not remove the correct answers

In "fill in the blanks", when you click on "retry" all the answers are removed so the student will have to retype the blanks he had already filled in correctly. 


A text with 10 blanks.
The student answers all of them. 
He/She then clicks on "check".
He'll see that he/she has got 7 of them right.
The student then clicks on retry. 
All his/her answers are removed including all the correct ones.
The student now had to retype all the 7 correct answers together with the 3 incorrect ones he/she was intended to correct. 

This is not logical. It's counterproductive. It's a waste of time and takes the students' focus away. 

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Hi ph!

There you go: https://github.com/h5p/h5p-blanks/pull/103. The H5P core team will have to agree that this option should be included, then review the code, merge in the changes and ultimately release the update - so this might take some time.


Thank you Oliver for following this up.
Have a good day,

Hi there, 

Is there an ETA on this feature being accepted or merged into the current release? I'm afraid that without it, the Fill in the Blanks type because extremely limited in it's use cases without us receiving poor feedback from students.


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Hi bjornleroux,

Sorry no ETA on when this will be reviewed, tested, merged and released.