I want to make some changement in librairies functions, I use the WP plugin. I've made my changes in local in Upload > H5P >cacheassets in JS it's good in local but it's impossible to change the JS file in FTP. Have you got some advice for me? 



Coralie BAUDRY

FTP problem
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Hi Coralie!

The mostly built (!) files are in wp-uploads/h5p/libraries. From there, they are bundled/cached into wp-uploads/h5p/cachedassets and loaded from there later. You can patch libraries in wp-uploads/h5p/libraries directly, but you'll have to make sure that wp-uploads/h5p/cachedassets is cleared. Please note that you may want to work with source files for many content types and build them yourself, not working on the built libraries directly. You can find the source codes for most libraries at https://github.com/h5p/.

I anticipate that you may have further questions down the road that https://peter.baumgartner.name/2021/04/12/h5p-library-installation/ including the comments will answer. Any maybe you'd rather want to modify content types on a Drupal 7 platform or on Lumi instead of using WordPress that's not a suitable environment for H5P development. Yes, they will run on WordPress, too.


I found how to touch this code, by duplicating the file I was able to make my changes. When I did it at the library level it didn't take my changes into account. 

It works for me, now I have another problem to solve, compatibility. But I will open another message for that. 

Thanks to you