Accessibility: Language of Parts

Hello everyone, 

We are currently conducting an accessibility study on our H5P content. We are using H5P through Moodle, we are using H5P 1.22.3 (2021061100). 

Our main and only issue is with addressign the language of parts Accessibility guideline. Our Moodle langauge is English, but using Drag and Drop, we want to drag Arabic words onto corresponding images. We are not able to edit the HTML of the Arabic text in order to add the language atttribute code, there is no button to access the HTML of the text field when editing the H5P content in Moodle. We are able to add format the text but not add HTML code. Attached is a screenshot of the field.

Is there a way arround this in order for us to correctly specify the language?

Thank you so much!

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