H5P Interactive video: Summary pop-up can't be closed with escape

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Steps to Reproduce


1) Open H5P example example page (we tested this bug using a course created internally but the same was reproduced with the samples on the website as well)
2) Navigate to interactive video component 
3) Turn on VoiveOver (command + F5)
4) Use keyboard navigation to focus on the interactive video frame (control + option + arrow keys)
5) Enter the frame (control + option + shift + down arrow)
6) Navigate to and enter the toolbar frame
7) Navigate to and click the large star at the end of the video timeline
8) Press esc to close the pop-up

Expected: Any pop-ups or similarly opened displays can be closed by pressing esc

Actual: Unlike the questions, the summary pop-up window doesn't close when pressing esc, and must instead be closed by clicking the X button

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