'Guess the Answer' Rendering Issue

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We are building some H5P using the Wordpress plugin (in Pressbooks) and noticed that the "Guess the Answer" question type has an issue:

When I click to see the answer, the bar at the bottom of the widget gets mostly hidden. When I click an icon it renders correctly again. (See attached screenshots. I also attached the H5P file.)

The widget also renders correctly again if I zoom out (or in) on the browser. After that, the correct rendering persists at any level of zoom, including the zoom level where the bottom bar was previously obscured.

The Pressbooks support team thinks it may be a timing issue with the H5P resize script not running quickly enough 'in the moment' to accommodate the additional line of text inserted by revealing the answer. 

If the answer is shortened to fit on one line, the bottom bar remains in view when the answer is revealed, but that is not reasonable for this use case, as multiple lines of text are required for these answers. 

I also tried modifying the CSS of the H5P widget in various ways with DevTools but couldn't find a solution here.

Any thoughts?



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