H5P High contrast mode test - Borders, progress bars, selection are not visible as expected

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Tested on Win 10 + Firefox

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable high contrast on Windows and launch Firefox with the H5P site [H5P| https://cdn-esim.contentservice.net/adapt-dev/adapt-platform/courses/h5p/latest/index.html]
  2. On the 'H5P content used for presentation' page , observe the border for the 'Dialog cards' section are not visible. [Dialog_cards_border.PNG]
  3. On the 'Assessment 1' page, 'Multiple Choice Question 2/4' has the answer options with incomplete borders 3. [incomplete_border.PNG]
  4. On answering the correct options, the completion bar is not visible for any of the completed assessments. [Completion_bar.PNG]

H5P video:

  1. Drag and drop items, part of the 3rd star icon on the video player, when dragged shows two dotted lines around the drop area. [Drag and drop border.png]
  2. Playback indicator is not visible when selected for a specific speed. [playback speed.PNG]
Content types: 
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And sorry for the late reply. Could you please let us know which WCAG AA requirement this is connected to?

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This issue should be mapped to Understanding Success Criterion 1.4.6: Contrast (Enhanced) which seems to be Level AAA. Can you please confirm and I am guessing that you are now only complaint to WCAG AA. Is that rightly understood.

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This should be mapped to Understanding Success Criterion 1.4.6: Contrast (Enhanced) which seems to be of Level AAA. I am guessing that you currently support only Level AA, can you please confirm.