Custom video integration



we have an Opencast instance running with quite a few modifications e.g. we don't provide mp4 files.
Thus, the videos cannot be used in H5P.
However, many teachers at our university want to use our Opencast videos in H5P.

We thought about developing a custom integration for H5P video just like it was done with Youtube.
I have looked into the docs and I can't figure out if it's possible to develop an external H5P library extending H5P video.
I don't want to customize the H5P video library itself because we would have to stay up-to-date with the base library and maintain this dependency.

I imagine the extension works the following way:
- Implementing an addon that registers a new video handler.
- Packaging this addon as .h5p file and uploading to the LMS (in our case Ilias or Moodle).
- Video handler is automatically loaded when editing/viewing H5P videos.

Is that possible?
Thank you!


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