Tab order for hotspot interactions

Hi. 2 things:

I'm not sure why, but in the attached file, the tab order for the hotspot interactions does not align with the order they were created.

Assuming this is a bug, is there a way to set/fix the tab order?



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Hi Kyle,

Thank you for reporting this. I did some tests and I found out that the content follows a tab-to-bottom order (in reference to where they are placed) of the hotspots. Using your content I was able to "fix" the order by moving the hotspots a few pixels up or down. I am discussing this with the developers since I agree that it would be easier for authors to order the hotspots based on the order they are in the editor rather than their placements in the images.

I'll update you once I have hear from them.


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...much appreciated

So this is not fixed jet? I would like tab order to follow order of hotspots in admin.

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Hi heand76,

There are no movements with this request. The good thing with H5P is that it is open source so anyone can make the changes or hire someone to add features.