Image Hotspots

Components not showing properly on screen


We are trying to use the Image Hotspots content type but, as shown in the attached image, some of the interactive components appears on screen as language like: 

  • [field:select:showWhen:icon]
  • [field:image:showWhen:iconImage] 
  • [field:group:imageCoordinateSelector:position]

We are running a Moodle platform version 3.11 with H5P up to date. It does not matter which Browser we use (Chrome or Edge), the problem renders the same.

When turning debugging to DEVELOPER I get some errors like: 

image hotspots


I would like to make a suggestion for a further development: For the image hotspots feature, I would like to be able to put the hotspots in an order, e.g. numerically. This would allow users to be instructed to call up the hotspots in a certain order. 

Thank you

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