Image Hotspots

H5p library and all contents don't display in Admin area and navigation bar of my WordPress site

Hello, I just noticed that H5P contents disappeared from the Admin area and navigation bar, all these contents can be shown up in the front-end, but in the admin area, they are invisible. even this page /wp-admin/admin.php?page=h5p is inaccessible to any roles who are permitted to access the admin. I have switched the theme to twenty-twenty and deactivated all plugins, H5p contents are still invisible.

Unable to see Grade Review in Moodle of H5P


Hi all,

I am using Moodle with H5P Interactive content like Atrimetical Quiz, Course presention and Interactive Videos too (almost all).

But facing issues unable to see Grade review after users attempts atrimetical quizs and others too.

Please help to understand if any configuratio which I missed.

Only Interactive videos review I can see in grades section. 

Image Hotspots in an interactive book on moodle do not show in fullscreen

Hello h5p community

I created an interactive book with h5p on moodle. If I add an image hotspot to a slide it will not show the content in fullscreen. When I exit fullscreen it shows me the content and when I then go to fullscreen it shows me the content as well. The content does not show if I want to go through the whole interactive book course in fullscreen. This issue occurs only with image hotspots. It is as if the image hotspots won't load the first time I open the interactive book in fullscreen.